Multi-purpose Injector

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Beijing QS Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

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Product Information

  • Model:QS-P
  • Certification:CE
  • Net Weight:100g
  • Dimension:15cm
  • Packaging Details:carton case
  • Brand Name:TECHiJET
  • Trademark:Needle-free Injection System
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Warranty:1 year



TECHiJET obtained the CFDA (China Food and Drug Association), CE mark and ISO13485 in 2017. TECHiJET is produced and manufactured by Beijing QS Medical Technology Ltd. in Bejing, China.

TECHiJET needle free injection system is designed to administer insulin. The system works by positive displacement, i.e. by forcing liquid medication through a micro orifice of a special ampoule. This creates an ultrafine, high pressure stream of liquid medication that penetrates the skin. In this manner the medication is deposited into the subcutaneous tissue. 

TECHiJET is suitable for injecting various subcutaneous and fatty tissues medication such as Insulin, growth hormone, local and dental anesthesia, vaccines and cosmetic surgery injections. 


It is:

        - Spring-powered system

        - Top-grade materials

        - Good fluidics: complete injection in 0.3s 

        - Precise injection: medicine reaches to subcutaneous area without touching the muscle layer,             avoiding hypoglycemia

        - 5000 precise injection 

        - Injection Accuracy: 0.01ml (1 IU)

        - Injection dosage range: 0.04-0.35ml (4-35 IU)

Using high pressure to release liquid medication from a micro orifice to create an ultrafine liquid stream that instantly penetrates skin to the subcutaneous tissue. The needle free injector, the insulin disperses evenly as spray-like pattern over a larger subcutaneous area while the traditional injection, the insulin forms a medicine pool. 

Advantages of needle free injection system: 

        - no needle phobia, virtually no pain, no needle disposal issues, 

        - no needle stick injuries 

        - better absorption

        - earlier onset of medicine effect and higher bioavailability

        - no subcutaneous induration

        - no cross contamination. 

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